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Vanilla Raspberry Lemon Cake

This one tops my lists of favorite cakes. It’s a winner. Hands down.

Perhaps raspberries are my favorite to work with when it comes to fillings – well, next to pineapple. (If you missed the September box, sorry fuh yuh!) They give that appropriate light sweet-tart bang to sweet cake layers. I’m utilizing my lemon curd to to harmonize the sweetness – but not too much!

Allow me to provide a little background here. In the past, I have had this seemingly heavy hand with lemon. Anything lemon that I’ve made comes with a warning attached – eat with caution! Just being honest here. I once made a lemon loaf for my then boyfriend to take to work. I was so proud. The loaf itself was, of course, lemony, but then I made this lemon soaking syrup. Well, it was primarily lemon with a dropper-full of water added to, you know, balance it out. I added a wee bit of sugar, and a little more lemon and got to soakin’. Then, I wrapped it up tightly to keep all of that lemon goodness in. He took it to work. He shared it with a co-worker, and this is what happened according to the both of them. His co-worker dropped to his knees begging for God’s help. Apparently, his tastebuds were burning, but his mouth was too puckered to spit the loaf out. It was quite a scene from what I hear. My poor boyfriend was running around his office waving his hands hysterically banging on the glass windows for someone to call for help as he too fought to unpucker his mouth. He said he just swallowed it. That had its upside, though – fragrant toilet bowl cleansing urine. These days, when asked if he remembers the lemon, the co-worker claims to have no recollection of said loaf. What’s up with that?

I’m kidding!… about most of that. But you get it – a heavy hand with lemon. So this time, I took extra time ensuring that the sweet:tart ratio is on point. Even if things get a bit tart, the buttercream comes through as a buffer.

On another note, this is a wonderful & universal birthday cake as it has flavors most aren’t opposed to in cake. It bakes up beautifully, and freezes like perfection. It keeps frozen up to 2 months, but I mean why are you freezing cakes for months? IJS! If I’m making a cake, it won’t be for safe keeping. It’s to eat! The recipe can be halved for a mini cake, but I would not try slicing the layers in half unless you are making 5 or 6 inch layers. Anything bigger will result in too thin layers once sliced.

This cake consists of white vanilla cake layers, lemon curd, raspberry compote, and vanilla buttercream. It is absolutely delish without the fillings. I would, however suggest flavoring your buttercream with lemon or almond extracts to make things slightly more interesting. One very important tidbit, is to take your time. White cake, especially, depends heavily on a well-aerated batter. Otherwise, you could end up with a pretty dense piece of cake. So allow about 6-8 minutes for the butter-sugar aeration. The term “light and fluffy” isn’t something we say for fun. We mean it. The butter should be light and fluffy for the best outcome. Even after you add your eggs, beat the mixture for a few extra minutes to get that fluffy texture poppin’. Okay, you know how to reach me if you have questions.

Make this cake!

Raspberry lemon vanilla white cake slice

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