Valentine’s Day Picks and Specials from Sift!

Hi, Hunnies & Lovebugs!

That famous Love Day (as if love runs out at 12:00 am Wednesday, February 15, 2012) is fast approaching and I thought you could use some “I Love You” inspiration, Sift!-style, of course. Take a look and please, pass this along. Thank you!

I’ve received some emails regarding Elenore. Yes, she’s back in full effect. Order when ready! She insisted  on me showing you her favorite pin-up photo. She’s so conceited.

Elenore – Vanilla sponge cake brushed with strawberry syrup stuffed with a luxurious cream mousseline and sweet fresh strawberries topped off with a layer of white chocolate ganache.

Order Elenore

Next up is the Mocha Latte. Many of you ordered ML whether it was on the menu or not. I’m officially reinstating him!

Mocha Latte – chocolate cake infused with coffee, vanilla cream, coffee buttercream, and thick ribbons of caramel, topped with a layer of chocolate ganache.

Order Mocha Latte

If cake isn’t getting your goat, then try any of our tarts or pies. Considering that it’s the chocolate holiday, let’s go with this one – Chocolate Silk.

Lots of silky chocolate filling enveloped by a dark chocolate cookie crusted and topped with a beautiful toasted meringue. YUM!!!!

Order Chocolate Silk

And you just CANNOT go wrong with this one…

Strawberry White Chocolate Mousse Tart –  Light white chocolate mousse topped with a mound of fresh & sweet strawberries.

Makes me schoolgirl giddy! I love that photo. Anyhoo…

Order a Tart

Try another variation with the new Strawberry Custard Tart – Sweet vanilla bean custard, fresh strawberries, and lightly browned meringue topping.

Don’t forget about out of town loves (college students, and anyone else you can’t physically hold close this Valentine’s Day), cookies always do the trick!

Macadamia White Chocolate Chunk

Now thru this Friday – Purchase one order of brownies, and all cookies are $7 per dozen!

There are tons of options so drop by and find something for everyone, including you! At checkout, be sure to add a card and balloon for an even more personalized touch.

For many of you, I’ll see you Tuesday!

Love & Biscuits, Hunnies.


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