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AnnaandWilsonAaaahhhhh – these two. I had quite a time figuring out where to begin the story of Anna & Wilson’s photos here on the blog. Heidi and her fellow photographer @ Our Labor of Love did a wonderful job of chronicling the day. As hectic as weddings can be, and as often as they can become quite the rat race to “get to the altar on time”, it appears Anna & Wilson’s day was beautifully breezy. There’s lots of understated, and organic sophistication going on here. Let’s take a look.

Anna and Wilson have been sweethearts since their earlier school years, and it shows. When I first met them, the whole kindred spirit quality was definitely native to their relationship. That’s always a beautiful sight. Anna knew EXACTLY what she wanted, and I’m happy to say she was quite the muse. Two cakes were crafted especially for her and Wilson. One of these cakes happens to be quite possibly the best tasting dessert I’ve ever made, but we’ll get to that later.


StationeryThe wedding and reception were at Serenbe Farms.






SerenbeJust looking at these photos makes me want to grab some lemonade, and a hammock! So relaxing.

WeddingLovely, indeed. While this loveliness awaited everyone, here’s what was going on elsewhere.

Getting Ready

AnnaAnna’s getting ready.

SerenbeOh honey! This dress. I don’t know if there’s a photo that will every truly do it justice. It was breathtaking.

BottlesBottles are being chilled.

Mom'sMom’s are getting happy. Wilson’s mom is on the left. Anna’s mom is on the right.

ClutchAccessories are blingin’.

BouquetBouquets are being beautified by Amy Osaba. She’s a whiz at her job, by the way. Check her out. Here are some great detail shots.


Anna's ShoesAnna’s shoes.

Serenbe9Wilson buttoning up…

Serenbe12Serenbe11Do I see an heirloom before my eyes? Cool Stuff. So James Bond. (wink)

Serenbe10Looks like she’s ready to go (o: Beautiful!

Serenbe13Lookin’ good, Wilson!

WilsonPhotosThis is so cool. #lineage

Serenbe3VowsI truly wish I could have been there to hear what he told her. I’m sure it was super duper sweet!

Serenbe5Sealed with a kiss!

All Done!Time to par-tay! And it’s written all over her face. But let’s take it all in first.

TableTableCeremonyAnd here they are!

1Magical first dance…

9And now for some rather fancy bites.






Let us not forget the magical wall of beer spouts! very cool touch – literally & figuratively.


BeerCake, please!!!

Cake Table!


loveMy cake makes people kiss.

So Anna wanted to spoil her guests with cake, cake, and more cake. There was so much cake, that there’s one missing from this photo. Flavors ranged from whiskey and peach to lavender with honey, and dark chocolate with caramel. It was an amazing spread, and receiving sweet notes from guests made my millennium! I’m so  happy everyone enjoyed the cake. Anna really made sure that flavors spanned all types of palates.

AWCake12In case you’re wondering, this lemon lavender cake looks like this on the inside…

niceAnna specifically asked for an “herbal cake”. Something not too sweet, but definitely involving lavender. So, this is what I came up with. It’s a lemon chiffon cake with lavender cream, lemon curd, a fresh blueberry compote, and a very light lemon cream icing. I was so happy she liked the cake as much as she did.

Blueberry Gold!


…and each slice was served like this…

Processed with RookieThere were two types of caramel cakes. The vanilla version had cognac, and the chocolate version had almonds with a hint of amaretto.

Dark chocolate cake with a caramel, salt, and almond filling.

AWCake10Anna and her family fell in love with this cake. When her mom told me that it is the best cake she “EVER ate”, I wanted to do a backflip! Frankly, there is no better compliment you can receive in this business.


The wedding marked the beginning of summer, and a rather humid one at that. Kudos to everyone that was in the food prep area that day! It was no place for punks. With limited resources, making do was our mantra, and I must say we held things together rather boss-ly (o;.

Whiskey Peach

There were 2 types of caramel cake. One involved vanilla and cognac, and the other dark chocolate with salt and almonds.




Vanilla caramel sliced up like this…

Cognac Caramel Cake

Inside the cake.

Processed with Rookie

Ladies and Gentlemen, Raspberry Lemon.

AWCakeLight lemon cake, lemon curd, fresh raspberry compote, and vanilla bean buttercream.

Here’s a photo of Anna at her tasting for this particular cake.

Blueb1It was so cute. I had to photog it.

Soooo, back to the reception!

Look at this!

Ceremony6Who knew?!


And as the night wound down, and the magical beer wall began to tap its bottom, the couple realized they needed to take a sweet moment…




while others took a moment to nap.

AWCDance, dance, dance!


And the beat went on…

AWCUntil it was time to officially end this magical night with this magical kiss beneath some magical stars after what I’m certain had been the most magical time.

To Anna and Wilson,

Thank you so very much for allowing me to be a part of your beautiful (and tasty) journey.


Tristen @ Sift!

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