Taste Test on Wheels – Holiday Edition!

Photos by the Lovely Janet Howard of Janet Howard Studios!

I want to show you pictures of Janet at work, but I’m going to keep behind the scenes stuff in it’s place. She goes above and beyond to get these perfect shots. I now know a true photographer by their ability to twist, contort, and hang upside down completely suspended in mid-air. Janet’s a photographer fairy.

I have to say that other than visiting Chicago during the holiday season, San Francisco in the spring, Maine in the summer, Las Vegas ANY TIME, no holds barred shoe shopping, trips down memory lane, wearing sparkly diamonds, getting a hot stone massage, tickling baby feet, chubby English Bulldog puppies, the thrill of New Year’s Eve, that new car smell, and love and hugs from my Gramma – this has to be one of my favorite things! Sift!’s Taste Test on Wheels is the bees knees. It’s all about dessert. Sweet stuff. Happy people. Who doesn’t want dessert? And lots of it? Lots of different kinds? Just doesn’t get any better.

I unregrettably spoiled everyone sugar rotten! This package was twice that of spring’s ensemble, and that concept is fitting. It’s the eating season. We splurge! We eat until we’re blue because ‘what else are we gonna do with all of this food?’ Then swear to dieting resolutions for the new year that last no longer than the new week. It’s okay. Our tastebuds have needs. So do our thighs. Just run and eat. Am I the only one that does that? Works for me *shrug*. *Tangent*

Taste Test on Wheels is my  Oprah’s Tristen’s Favorite Things. I’m still working on getting you guys to jump up and down, scream and cry, and sprint across your lawn. All in due time.

With this being the Holiday Edition and all, the Taste Testers were stuffed with desserts and a bonus. In paying homage to traditional American Thanksgiving and Christmas desserts, there were plenty of fun and familiar flavors like pumpkin, eggnog, pecans, and so forth.  Get your fill of these desserts very soon as these items will rotate off the menu before you know it. Spring is just around the corner!

You know something? I’ve probably already done enough talking here, eh? Let’s get on with the show.

Packages are made especially for the client. It’s wonderful being able to let go, and who better to let go to than Miss Sarah of Foglio Press! Seriously, I’ll throw some adjectives her way (the pleasant kind) and she’ll whip up something I instantly fall in love with every single time. You should try it. See what she can do! She’s got a super power that allows her to read your mind and stationery dreams. The menus, name envelopes, and coupons made all the difference. Besides, they are just plain sweet. Love you, Sarah! Sarah can be found at FoglioPress.com, www.etsy.com/shop/FoglioPress, and www.facebook.com/fogliopress.

Now, let’s take a look on the inside. Feel free to order any and all of these items. Simply click on their names or email orders to placeorder@siftatlanta.com.

Meet Appalonia.

Look at her. She’s a woman with curves, beauty, and girth. The kind of girl that would inspire Sir Mix-a-Lot to do a remix of his classic. Yes, she’s all that. A ton of apples, moderate spices, some oaky kick, sweetness, and a flaky crust bring her together. She’s an apple lover’s dream. I’m not joking on her size. Appalonia can feed 15 people generously, 21 moderately.

Ahhhh. Just one more, you ask? Anything for you…

Collect yourselves. It’s time to meet Tipper.

Tipper is mild mannered, but only in appearance. It appears she was the house favorite. She is the perfect balance of Thanksgiving whereby you can have your pumpkin and pecan both at the same time. I recall this combo from a cheesecake that was once described to me. I figured that since the cheesecake is already out there, why not the actual pie? When asked how she liked it, Janet replied with silence and that “Back away from the pie; having a moment.” face. I did just that. It is perfect with coffee or nothing at all. Yet, a cup of something bold is highly suggested.


On Portia’s surface, she’s a still cream pie. Still waters run deep, my friends. Beneath the cream lies a butterscotchy-slash-coconutty cream, a layer of chocolate, and rum-smothered bananas. YUM! She has received rave reviews. I think it would be wise to make this pie a part of your holiday tradition. Portia is a MUST try.

Cranberry Cardamom Cheesecake

Creamy vanilla bean and cardamom cheesecake gets all dressed up for the holidays with a serious cranberry topping that is sweet and tart.

One of the most self-absorbed chicks I know. She drools at the thought of herself.


Synclaire was actually on the menu well over a year ago, but it seemed ever so fitting that she be re-introduced in style. Synclaire is a moist sweet potato cake, with a fluffy marshmallow filling and spiced buttercream dressed in pecans. Get to know her.

Vanilla Bourbon Eggnog Cake – one of my favorites

For the less adventurous, this cake can be intimidating. I’ve taken the usual yellow cake and added some eggnog lovin’. Being a huge fan of ‘nog, it just wouldn’t be right not to have this on my menu. It’s simple, too. Spiked eggnog cake with a spiked eggnog buttercream dressed in gingersnaps. It’s a treat!

Last and certainly not least...Boozy Banana Bread; my pride and joy of the bunch. It takes quite a bit of experimentation to get banana bread just right, and I do mean, just right. I had to throw the banana bread rules out of the window and take more drastic banana measures to get to this loaf. But now…now…we’re dealing with perfection. It smells like pure baby giggles and tastes like a cloud filled with lots of new shoes, purses, and puppies.  Well, it doesn’t taste like puppies or leather, but you get what I’m saying. Stay with me!

This started out as a rather low impact loaf about a month ago. I know someone that insists that anything banana must be accompanied by chocolate. Check. I am an advocate for anything banana being accompanied by brandy, bourbon, and/or rum.  Check. Hence, the term “Boozy”. Yes, ladies and gents – all 3! Perfect cubicle drawer snack. I kid, again! Not really.

This bread is divine. I only make so many per week. Get your orders in! It’s totally worth it.

Now, I already know what you’re thinking. You want 5 of everything. Just click here to order.

Thanksgiving orders are guaranteed for orders placed by 9pm Sunday, November 18th.

That sums it up, hunnies. I do hope you had fun gazing. Thank you to all of my wonderful Taste Testers! Without you, my desserts have no tummies to call home and my growth is stunted. I appreciate your kind words, hugs, emails, and phone calls. Those serve as mega-motivation boosters. Thank you. There aren’t enough thank you’s for the love so many of you give.

Feel free to order any and all of these items. Simply click on their names or email orders to placeorder@siftatlanta.com.

Stay tuned! You never know when this urge will creep up on me again.

Until next time….

Love & Biscuits!

Tristen @ Sift!


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