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Chocolate Mousse with Chocolate Amaretti

Chocolate Mousse and Amaretti

How was Valentine’s Day, Sweetnesses?!Here’s that recipe I referenced on Instagram. You can easily pipe the mousse into wine glasses and top with chopped amaretti cookies or vice versa. You can make this 3-4 hours prior to serving time.Chocolate Amaretti Cookies2 cups blanched ground almonds (almond flour), sifted1 cup granulated sugar3 Tablespoons dutch cocoa (regular fine, but dutch is better)2 large egg whites1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract1/2 teaspoon almond extractconfectioner’s sugar1. In a medium to large bowl, whisk together the almond […]

Black Gift Box

My Holiday Boxes are Ready to Ship!

They are sleek, and as my husband put it – “sexy”! This box is full of treats and the perfect gift for a small family, group, or office of people. It’s also great for someone who simply loves well-made treats in sleek packaging. All the info you need is on the site. These boxes will ship through mid January. Why? Because people are still shopping for Christmas gifts a couple of weeks after Christmas. Yep. it happens. Even more good […]

Oat and Almond Chocolate Bar

New in SWEET TOOTH – My Pop Up Shop! Chewy Oat & Almond Cookie Bars

For those times when you only want a little somethin’. My new SWEET TOOTH Pop Up Shop offers free shipping, and small orders of PREMIUM delicious gourmet treats!


This month’s box is right around the corner! Inside you’ll find 2 of my Burnt Vanilla Pound Cakes and 2 Pineapple Pound Cakes. The former is buttery, not too sweet, and covered in a delicious glaze with burnt vanilla topping. Expect a superior and intense vanilla with a fine crumb, and a lovely companion for your cup of tea/coffee. The pineapple pound cakes are a bit sweeter, slightly citrus, very moist, and perfect for pinching.Sign up now through June 10th, […]


It’s May! And here’s a quick recap of April as well as a glimpse of what’s to come. THANK YOU! Your attention to my little blog has been great! So has your patience in getting a few things up and going. Know that I’m still getting there, and your ongoing patience is appreciated! It’s been a VERY busy few months. My son made his earthly entrance, and I’ve moved across the country (yet again (o:). With that said, I’ve been without my […]

In case you’ve had a rough Monday…

I’ve got a tasty drink that might help. A harmonious blend of sour, sweet, spicy, and mellow should wind you on down. Add some vodka or tequila and maybe you’ll wind right on up! 🤷🏽‍♀️ Whatever your fancy, scoot on over to the blog for the recipe… #siftdesserts#dessertbox#meyerlemon#meyerlemonade#lemonade#lemondrink#redpepperdrink#cocktailrecipe#mocktailrecipe#redhotchilepeppers#thegoodtastebox#dessertdrinks#dessert#cocktailrecipe#burntvanilla#mailorderdessert

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