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This drink has gained some popularity on TikTok (as well as Gramma’s sex life advice), and thus, the requests for the recipe. So for those of you visiting from there, thank you for looking me up. Here’s that recipe. For those looking for the next dessert box, it’s coming! I am working with Doordash to solidify a delivery system. Thank you for you patience…and interest. A delicious mashup of mostly fresh fruits, and sparkling water

Taste Test on Wheels – Holiday Edition!

Photos by the Lovely Janet Howard of Janet Howard Studios! I want to show you pictures of Janet at work, but I’m going to keep behind the scenes stuff in it’s place. She goes above and beyond to get these perfect shots. I now know a true photographer by their ability to twist, contort, and hang upside down completely suspended in mid-air. Janet’s a photographer fairy. I have to say that other than visiting Chicago during the holiday season, San […]

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