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Happy December! For many, those two words carry some weight…and hopefully some relief if they need it. Dessert seems to speak to you, so I have a dessert box that may make 2020 fade a bit.

This year, if I’ve learned anything (personal-professional lesson), it’s the same lesson I’ve learned year after year – food, especially dessert, is my love language AND I dessert a lot of lovely introverts. Random piece of information. Yes, I know. Anyway, when I decide to create a new dessert, it is NOT because the menu calls for it, or simply because it’s a new month.

I have had the honor of getting to know many of you on a more personal note and level. Whether it’s the heartwarming messages I receive from some of you about the desserts you had from SIFT!, or even the desserts they remind you of from years ago while on vacation. I am always gathering insight on your preferences. New treats are then created from that insight. You all are my inspiration, and the source of much gratitude. With that said, thank you SO very much for supporting my business during this rather challenging year. It has brought so much motivation, and I hope what you’ve inspired has brought you a lot of comfort & satisfaction.

December’s box includes the desserts you ordered most frequently, and some of you put these on regular repeat. I lost count of how many of each went out, but let’s just say you ordered loudly. I had to refrain from stuffing this box with about 5 other treats, and am still trying to keep it to a minimum. Since writing the first paragraph, I’ve added stuff to the box. So hurry up and order before I change or add something!

Shout out to those of you that shared, put me on the BEST blast to your friends, family, IG followers, and neighbors. I want to express my sincerest gratitude to you. Word of mouth will always be the best advertisement, and is a definite mark of a very happy dessert-er!

Treat yourself! It’s been a long year. My Best of 2020 dessert box is on your self-care resolution list. At least, it should be.

Here’s what’s in that box, how many are in the “For 1-2” box & the “For 2-4” box, and the stories behind them:
*This month you have the option of 2 different size boxes.

strawberry cookie

STRAWBERRY SQUARED COOKIES (vanilla sables, sweet creamy strawberry filling, pure strawberry filling) – 5 cookies/10 cookies

They’ve been called “a little piece of heaven” by multiple people, and are my most popular dessert almost ever. I chuckle because all I wanted was to create an intense strawberry flavor for all of my strawberry desserts. I needed to test the fillings I made with neutral and slightly sweet background, and grabbed the closest match; a cookie meant for a dark chocolate filling. I asked husband to try it. He strolls off, comes back for the rest. Long story short, these are a winner, and make the best edible gift.


STUFFED BROWNIE CREAMS (Chocolate-y, chewy, buttery brownie; silky chocolate bourbon cream, white chocolate cream topping) – QTY 2/QTY 4
Chocolate-y chewy brownies; silky semi-dark chocolate cream filling; white chocolate cream topping. So simple. Amazingly delicious. Had to turn Uber Eats off due to this one.


PORTIA (vanilla crust, chocolate, rum poached bananas, coconut custard, white chocolate cream) – QTY 2/QTY 4

Portia has always been a no-brainer. She started off as the dessert choice for an underground dinner I hosted in Atlanta, but I set her aside for my Sweet Potato Beignet plated dessert. A tough decision, but a good one. Portia wins hearts everywhere she goes. Needless to say, she won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.


CHAI SAMPLE BOTTLES – NEW and just for you!
CARAMELS – the newest addition to my menu that seemed to turn heads, and satisfy a sweet tooth, or two.
CINNAMON SUGAR BANANA BREAD or PUMPKIN BREAD – so many loaves! If you haven’t tried either, here’s your chance. – mini loaf/2 mini loaves

open ended banana bread loaf

Orders will begin shipping Monday, December 28 through December 30th, or until they sell out. In-town orders begin delivering December 28th.

If you’ve been following along, and didn’t try anything out this year, I hope to hear from you soon. Otherwise, thank you. Thank you SO very much for all of your support… from the bottom my heart.

Lots of Love,
Tristen @ SIFT!
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