Raspberry Rosé Floats

About those boxes…lemon coconut raspberry ice cream, raspberry sorbet, and raspberry macarons.

The dog days are upon us. Days of sun. Summer dinner parties (oh I wish!). Porch, hammock, and swing life is in full effect. Swimming pools, splash pads, and sprinklers. Festivals, Caribana, Food & Wine Atlanta, The Taste of Chicago, Edinburgh, Taste of Soul – I could go on. Then there are summer vacays, family reunions, and weekend getaways. And don’t forget booty shorts. All I’m saying is that it’s that time of year.

With this time of year comes a bounty of fat of the land type treats. Strawberries, peaches, watermelon, and more. I feel I’ve hit the raspberry jackpot. Just look at them!

So pretty, perfect,and delish!

I have no qualms with cranking up the oven during summer. I mean, it’s what I do and it bothers me none. It gets the job done. On a hot day, if I feel like pound cake, guess what?! I have one. I will therefore use it to my advantage. On the other hand, MANY people I know don’t feel the same as I do. So by request, I’ve got this decadent raspberry dessert to help get you through this summer heat, and in a tasty and sophisticated way. Take advantage of what summer is offering… and not having to crank up the oven.

Lifting these berries onto their pedastal will be a lemon coconut ice cream. So good! I hope you’ll try it. The ice cream is perfectly smooth and creamy with a good balance of sweet & tart with a welcome milky flavor and texture from the coconut milk base. Throw some macerated raspberries in there, and pour over some sparkling rosé, and you’re working with something. Super easy and convenient.

Here’s a fun and delicious dessert to craft from what you will receive in the July boxes.

R A S P B E R R Y R O S É F L O A T S – makes 1

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You’ll need:– Lemon Coconut Raspberry Ice Cream from THE GOOD TASTE BOX – Raspberry Sorbet from THE GOOD TASTE BOX – 6oz fresh raspberries – 1 bottle of Sparkling Moscato Rosé
First! (Do 1 day ahead – preferrably. Otherwise, a few hours should do.)


Makes 6oz
6oz fresh raspberries, 2 Tablespoons sugar, 1-2 tsp fresh squeezed lemon juice

Put the raspberries in a small dish/plastic container with lid and sprinkle sugar over them. You can gently stir or fasten on the lid and shake to distribute the sugar. Let sit in the fridge until sugar dissolves – usually a few hours. Wanna speed it up. Gently warm on the stove or on a low setting in the microwave and then refrigerate. As long as they aren’t piping hot, you can go ahead and use them. However, the longer sit ensures that the sweetness of the sugar permeates the berries.

A N D T H E N…

Scoop out your lemon coconut raspberry ice cream into whatever dish you’ll be using.
Scoop up one mini scoop of the sorbet OR simply scrape some out with a strong fork.
Top with macerated berries.
Grab that bottle, and pour about a half cup of moscato rosé over the ice cream, berries, and sorbet.
And there you have it! Grown up in a cup. This would be the time to bite that raspberry macaron.

Yum for you! And thank you to all of you that are participating in my monthly dessert box fun! I love y’all.

Raspberry Rosé Float

And if this isn floating your boat, try it the purist’s way – ice cream and berries.

lemon coconut raspberry ice cream



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