6oz bag of individually wrapped caramels

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Fall & winter wrapped into one little candy. Pumpkin dances with its favorite spice blend on top of creamy notes and bourbon vanilla. Simply delicious.

All of my caramels are made with superior & fresh ingredients, lots of time, and plenty of patience. I also create all of my desserts and confections in small batches. Therefore, it’s easy to sell out of them! If we are sold out, hold tight.

One 6oz bag of individually wrapped caramels.

Transparency – the caramel is made and then cut. There’s no particular precision in cutting size but i do my absolute best to make sure the pieces are all very similar in size. Every now and again (with a few more agains than I’d prefer), some pieces are visibly larger/smaller than the others. I shrug at this and hope it doesn’t bother you.


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