Persephone Cake and Pineapple Piquant Cookies


Pineapple makes it’s debut on the menu for 2020!

I decided to bring back a favorite from last year, Pineapple Cookies, and with a couple of improvements:
1. An even more potent punch of pineapple flavor.
2. A more tender crumb to the sable portion of the cookie.

These cookies bring a savory element with the addition of welcomed balancing of heat from a mix of peppers, dash of lime and salt while still satisfying your adventurous sweet tooth! The cookies come with a dusting of sweet cayenne. The cookies CONTAIN NUTS.

For those that have been with me a while, Penelope (my pineapple layer cake consisting of fresh pineapple confit filling, soft as ever pineapple cake layers, and vanilla bean buttercream) has been gifted a sister! She’s smaller, full of fresh pineapple chunks, and is slathered with pineapple cream and brown sugar crumbles. I think you’ll love her.

Reserve your box today. Quantities are limited!

NOTE: The cookies contain nuts.
Feeds up to 2
1 – 4 inch mini loaf
4 (half order) – pineapple piquants

Feeds up to 4
2 – 4 inch mini loaf
8 (full order) – pineapple piquants

Available now for pre-order. Official re-opening June 19th! Shipping resumes June 22nd.

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in
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