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Small Beginnings

About us

Desserting is "my thing", and I share my love for it every chance I get. Back from a long hiatus, I'm stirring up new things and sharing them in a new way.

How it started

Sift! began almost 10 years ago exactly. It was a bold and daring leap of faith after (like many other entrepreneurs) a rather exhausting stretch in the 9-5 sector. One day, I just decided to jump right in. - no money, and seemingly no net.

Fast forward a bit, and I found (or rather they found me) some extremely helpful and generous chefs and pastry pros that showed me the ropes.

I'm in great company, though. I come from a line of chefs. My great grandmother was a chef. My brother is a fantastic cook. My nephew is a master chef. My sister is a chef. It's ingrained.

It all began in Atlanta, and has migrated with me to whichever city I call home. Currently in Salt Lake City, Utah, we offer dessert delivery, shipping, and many other services - local and distant.

Atlanta afforded me some fantastic experiences. From Shameeka Shy-Ayers anticipated yearly Sugar Coma events to my menu participation in gorgeous weddings via StudioWed of Atlanta, all the way to my very own pop-up dinners in collaboration with my chef and bartender pals - the ride was wild and I could not dream up a better journey. I even found acclaim via an article in New York! Aaahh, the good old days.

As a few of you already know, I stepped away from Sift! to get some air, travel, have a couple of babies, and practice my craft further. That was 2015, and I am SO excited to get back to it. Giddy, in fact.

I am reinvigorating my blog, recipes, and bringing new stuff to the table. Dessert delivery was just the beginning.

Thank you for tuning in. For those of you that know me, and have followed me throughout, my heart is warmed by your presence. Thank you. I see there are some newcomers. Thank you for your interest, and I look forward to meeting you. The desserts do, too!

Tristen @ Sift


Dessert Delivery

Choose from our delivery menu to order desserts approximately 48 hours in advance. Orders are prepared fresh when you order. Minimal waste with the freshest taste! Need something sooner? Just call: 1 800 409 4212.

Nationwide Dessert Service

Dessert Shipping

THE GOOD TASTE BOX is an excellent way to satisfy your sweet tooth on a monthly basis! No subscription required. Our dessert box, aka, THE GOOD TASTE BOX is a compilation of treats similar to most subscription boxes out there that send various deluxe samplings of items for you to try all in one box. I dream up 2-3 (okay - sometimes 4) desserts to put in a box for dessert lovers all across the nation. The box contents change monthly, so sign up for updates! I've been listening and will begin offering a "Dessert for 2" option. Thank you for your feedback!
box. It's non-subscription, so no pressure! Purchase when your tastebuds are piqued!

Check out my ever-changing menu of items for you to refer to at your leisure. Order when ready!








Custom Desserts


Book a tasting table

Have an event coming up? Tasting tables are booked after a phone consultation where tastes and preferences are determined. Give us a call.

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