New Stuff for Fall!

Photos by Janet Howard

Hi Guys. I so can’t sleep right now. Could it be the 3 cups of that dang delicious-oh-so-yummy British tea? *Cartwheels across the room – quickly poses for an impromptu photo – cartwheels back to computer* Ahhh – probably not. So let’s talk bread! I have some new items for fall and the gift-giving season, and they’re especially for my bread lovers.

First up (and my personal favorite) is Apple Bread. Try it and you’ll be hooked. I love it because it’s full of apples, it’s perfectly spiced and sweetened, and dare I say FRENCH TOAST! Although, whipped cinnamon honey butter will do for me. This bread has the girth and texture to make a luxurious french toast breakfast. I believe I feel a new how-to post coming on. This is a nice and hearty yet pillowy soft bread. In any case, toast it, french toast it, or simply slice and eat!

Terracotta not included

Next is Cinnamon Pumpkin Raisin bread. Oh granny panties! This is some good bread! Two people have told me it’s the best bread they’ve ever tasted, so you know we have to take their word for it – heehee. No, really, that happened. However, you be the judge. This bread is baked fresh when ordered. Pumpkin bread dough receives a generous slathering of brown sugar, plumped raisins, pecans, and spices and is baked to perfection. It’s a stand alone bread. Just slice and eat.


Then, there’s THE Chocolate Bread, Molten Chocolate Bread, that is. Chocolate lovers now have heaven in the form of bread. Janet (my friend and photographer) really liked it, so you should, too. This is a luxurious chocolate loaf with dark chocolate chunks (picture is after warming the loaf in the oven) throughout.

When warmed, you get a loaf of amazing chocolate bread that oozes chocolate. When completely cooled, you get a loaf of amazing chocolate bread with pockets of smooth chocolate. So if you’re showing off, looking to make new friends, or just a sucker for dark molten chocolate, then this is the way to go.

Ohmuhgoodness – look at all that chocolate sop.

Together, these loaves comprise The Luxe Bread Bundle, but you are free to purchase them separately. The bundle makes for a perfect gift!

There’s more! Because I have tea drinkers amongst my repertoire of clients and customers, I’ve crafted a few oldies but goodies. These come in handy any and all of the time, but definitely belong on a saucer next to some darjeeling tea. Slice these up and become the instant office hero, or hide them in the vitamin cabinet at home (you may not want to share).

Tea and Coffee Bread is just that. It’s perfectly balanced in the flavor-sweetness-spice departments. Try it with any tea or any coffee, and it’s a match made in oven, I mean heaven.

Banana bread is a MUST. So here ya go! It comes complete with swirls of cinnamon, bourbon, and clove gooey goodness. Yeeaaaahhhhh. Mmmmmmmm.

 The Coffee and Tea Bread, Banana Bread, and Sweet Potato Bread (not shown) come in their own bundle as well. All of the loaves can be sold separately.

Thanks for love!

Love & Biscuits!

Tristen @ Sift!



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