New in SWEET TOOTH – My Pop Up Shop! Chewy Oat & Almond Cookie Bars

Oat and Almond Chocolate Bar


In between the monthly THE GOOD TASTE BOX boxes, I’m still – you know – baking…

I’m testing recipes. I’m fine tuning. I’m preparing for a client. There are all kinds of desserts that may not make the menu but do deserve their spotlight.

Enter… SWEET TOOTH! It’s my online pop-up shop! The shop will feature small orders of gourmet treats. They ship !FREE!, and are meant to satisfy your minor or major hankerings.

Back to what I was saying…

Not making it to the menu by no means signifies that something isn’t good, or tasty. There are various reasons why something might not be made regularly available. In this case, a couple of the ingredients are quite seasonal. The flours used to make this goody are just that. I may remix it come spring, but for now I encourage you to try them out.

Your fork called earlier and told me it’s looking forward to this one! If you’re a fan of chewy, not-too-sweet, and I’d even call them rustic – type desserts, then this might make your belly happy. If not, do it for your fork. Find them in my pop-up shop now until…who knows…

Enjoy free shipping on the Oat & Almond Bars!

Love Love Love!


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