Ice Cream Sundaes @ The Office!

Ice cream knows no bounds. All too often, I find that people want to confine ice cream to the summer months which just isn’t fair. Dessert is dessert is dessert is dessert! If you love cake, love it all year long. If you’re fan of coffee, drink up all year long. As for ice cream, there truly is no actual season for it. Just easily as I can whip up a wholesome batch of roasted sweet potato or white chocolate peppermint ice cream right now as we approach December, I can just as easily put together a lip-smacking pint of lemon or blueberry lavender sorbet in the summer. Let your flavors be your guide should timing & season play an important role in your dessert choices. Let the basis of your desserts (cake, ice cream, and so on) be absent from unnecessary confinement! With that said, thank you Athena Health for understanding the joy an ice cream brownie sundae can bring to the children in all of us!

This ice cream sundae bar was created by myself at the request of a very thoughtful office manager at Athena Health in the old Sears building in Decatur. Well, it’s a totally new building now. The dessert bar tops the list of my favorite creations! I cannot wait to do another one, perhaps with unusual ice cream flavor options as well as toppings. Feeling froggy? Jump on this idea! Take a look, and give us a call (o:

Ice Cream Sundae Dessert Bar

Ice Cream Sundae Dessert Bar

Ice Cream Lineup

Ice Cream Flavors

Brownies!!! I kept the brownies fairly basic. With salted bourbon caramel and espresso chocolate ice creams on the stage, the brownies only needed to stand in as background.


Toppings!!! Roasted and candied nuts along with candied bacon. The bacon was meant for the salted caramel ice cream. The pairing must have been a favorite as(with the exception of the sign and bowl) there was no trace of it rather early on. There were even requests for it by the pound. *Flattered*

Nuts & Bacon

Ice Cream Toppings Waffle Wedges

Ice Cream Toppings

photo 4

Processed with Rookie

Thank you for viewing! If you’d like to have a custom ice cream bar, let us know! There are plenty more ice cream flavors and toppings to choose from.

Tristen @ Sift!
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