Honey & Chocolate Loaf Dessert Style

Remember that chocolate loaf from Monday? In the case that you are looking for a way to dress it up and make a dessert out of it, here’s a simple and quick way to do so. Remember this one for the 4th of July if you’re festive in that way. The honey note in the chocolate loaf makes the flavor of the blueberries pop. First, cut up/cube enough of the loaf to satisfy your craving. Then, simply sift 1/3 cup powdered sugar over 1 cup of cold cold cold heavy whipping cream and whip to stiff peaks. Slice a few strawberries and have some blueberries ready. Put a few cubes of the loaf in your dish. Dollop some of the sweetened whipped cream, drop a few blueberries on top and add some strawberry slices. Repeat until your heart is content!

Try it out. Let me know how you like it. Enjoy!

Love & Biscuits!



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