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Did you know that it’s Blog Subscriber Appreciation Day? No? Haven’t heard of it? Hmmmph. Well, you pretend that you have and I’ll pretend that it actually exists outside of the Sift! blog firewalls. I was thinking about you guys, and I realized something. I don’t know enough about you. I think your “dessert soulmate” would be the best place to start. Choice of dessert says so much about a person. So let’s dish!

Have you found your soulmate in love? In life? In dessert?!

You know what they say… There’s someone for everyone.  I asked you this in an earlier post. Did you give it some thought? I know you did. Likely, you’ve even lost some sleep over it.

If you could spend the rest of your life with only ONE dessert, what dessert would that be? What dessert just gets you? Is there a dessert that makes you blush? Gives you butterflies? Makes your heart sing? Has you giggling in the middle of the day when there’s nothing to giggle about?

In exchange for such personal info, how about some FREE dessert?

Here’s what you need to do. Beginning now, please tell us about this dessert that takes your breath away right here on the blog. You’ve got until November 22nd to say a little something, which is just in time for a Thanksgiving dessert to share with your family. We will randomly pick  2 winners from the entries we receive.

The winners will receive a FREE 4-pack of mini Mandalay Siftee! cakes! Mandalay is a chocoholic’s dream. First off, these are perfect for the dessert lover that just wants a little at time. Think jumbo cupcake-sized petit fours, or see the picture below. It’s dark chocolate cake, salted caramel filling, and dark chocolate ganache. Uh, YUM?! Live outside of Atlanta? Don’t fret – WE SHIP! Otherwise, we will deliver to your door just as always. I hope to hear from EVERYONE!

All we ask is that you leave the comment here on the blog and nowhere else. This giveaway is only open to Sift! Dessert Boutique blog subscribers so please be sure that you are subscribed to the blog.

Looking forward to hearing from you! Ta-Ta for now…

Love & Biscuits!


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0 thoughts on “Because I Love Ya! “Dessert Soulmate” Giveaway”

  1. My dessert soul mate is torn between my mom’s chocolate lava cake and peach cobbler! I love peach cobbler though and will make it year round. I love peeling the peaches, cooking them a bit and then making the cobbler topping, sprinkling some sugar on it and baking it. The smell is intoxicating!! I may have to go make one now since I have been talking about it! 🙂

  2. My favorite homemade dessert is fresh strawberry o’cheese. However, my biggest love is for chocolate–and I love chocolate ganache with homemade caramel. There is a restaurant in Corvallis, OR, that makes a dessert called Peanut Butter Dream and it combines chocolate, caramel, and peanut butter–what could be better! It is so good, I’ve actually purchased a whole cake before (and it was pretty expensive). Usually I like my homemade desserts the best, but I don’t know how to duplicate PB Dream. oh, you shouldn’t have asked me to talk about desserts…I can’t stop thinking of them now! Some other favorites include homemade tapioca, custard, flan or creme brulee’ — classic comfort foods! anyway, I appreciate you and I’m grateful for this opportunity to win. Thanks for the giveaway! oh, I also love cheesecake! I better quit writing for now–sorry.

  3. I had to think hard on this one! There’s lavender shortbread, which we gave out as favors at our wedding . . . . macarons – especially from Laduree (their flavors are insane!) . . . but I have to settle on lovely, lovely pavlova with all sorts of fresh fruits. Crunchy, light meringue, thick, sweet, fresh whipped cream, and kiwis/strawberries/blueberries/whatever else – how can you lose with a dessert like that??

    • Mmmmm… I SO agree – on ALL of them! Laduree does have awesome macarons. The pavlova is for the distinct palette and discerning eye. I love just looking at them.

  4. I have this affinity for Dark chocolate and bacon!…We were in Portland,
    Maine recently and besides the Whoopie pies and Lobster ..this was a must-have combo in the candy stores & patisseries..Dark or milk chocolate ganache tartlets with bits of sweet salty apple smoked bacon…mmmmm!
    Close 2nd for me is any kind of layer cake with Pineapple, coconut and a dash of rum!!

    • YESSS!!! I will be preparing the chocolate dipped bacon for an upcoming wedding. Can’t wait! I have made up my mind to visit Portland as well. Can you recommend some places to stay? Eat? I LOVE lobster anything. Did you find a favorite place for lobster dishes? I’ll be posting my favorite lobster roll recipe soon. Your close second is my Maui cake! It’s a brown sugar cake soaked in rum with a pineapple lime filling and coconut buttercream. You’d also love Penelope. She doesn’t have rum, but she’s the best-seller.

  5. My Mom’s chocolate pecan bourbon pie is what I would choose! It is the dessert love of my life for sure!
    …. now I want it! 🙂

    Thank you so much for the giveaway, the Mandalay Siftee cakes are gorgeous!

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