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Dear Sift! Followers,

You may have noticed some rather subdued activity from me lately. This too shall pass. (o:

I’ve been at work with several things – some dessert, and some not-so-dessert. Nevertheless, I will return with the deets on all of it. I am, however, going to hip you to one of these things right now. Back in January, I began volunteering my time at a local homeless shelter – The Atlanta Mission – something I have been trying to do for some time. Once a month, I gather all of my dessert stuff, create desserts, do a little teaching, and serve desserts to over 200 residents and program members. The first time I served dessert, it was my Butterscotch Brownies, and most recently I made a brown sugar corn cake with Blueberry Compote. I’m still working on next month’s sweetness.

There’s the actual homeless shelter, and then there are programs for ladies who have left unfortunate circumstances, moved into the facility, and are now re-acclimating to society, the workforce, and so on. Everyone there has a unique situation. In any case, I LOVE serving all of them, and as it turns out, they love it too! Of course, it’s rewarding, but it’s also a life class on strength, endurance, and friendship. The ladies support each other in their endeavors to live better lives, and they do it all so openly and graciously. Stir it all together in a big ‘ol bowl, and you’ll have “Tearjerker Batter”. I learn something every time I go. I’ve seen some beautiful acts of love from the staff to the residents, and between the residents. Although they move on to greener pastures, I’m sure it’s difficult for some of them to leave.

Sift! is 100% responsible for the costs of monthly dessert as the the shelter is unable to accommodate it financially. While explaining my absence at my sister’s wedding reception this past Sunday (where we had my famous So Very Strawberry Extremely Strawberry Whew! So Strawberry Cake, Chocolate Onyx Cake, and sister’s favorite, Yellow Cake with Chocolate Icing) to a Sift! & Tristen Fan (Yes, I have a fan!!! Cool, huh?), out of nowhere SHE WROTE A CHECK!!! I have not been able to stop thinking about it, and I am so very grateful to you Theresa! Thank you a million times over. It will help tremendously. I never asked for donations because it was truly something I was doing for them and from me, and somehow the idea only manage to cross my mind once or twice. However, dessert for 200+ is no easy feat, especially for a small business. While I will continue to make a way for this to happen monthly, I am asking for your financial support. It will make dessert a mainstay at the shelter, increase learning opportunities for residents interested in the culinary industry, and open the possibilities for other shelters who will allow me to serve dessert.

SO – to donate – even if it’s just a buck, Paypal it to Thank you SO very much from the bottom of my heart.

Things move fairly quickly at the shelter, but I will do a better job of getting photos of the desserts in the near future. In the meantime, please watch for any updates via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

And as always, thank you so very much for being a a part of what I do. Your support “makes my millenium”.

Tristen @ Sift!
IG – DessertboutiqueATL
Twitter – @DessertBoutique
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