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New Stuff for Fall!

Photos by Janet Howard Hi Guys. I so can’t sleep right now. Could it be the 3 cups of that dang delicious-oh-so-yummy British tea? *Cartwheels across the room – quickly poses for an impromptu photo – cartwheels back to computer* Ahhh – probably not. So let’s talk bread! I have some new items for fall and the gift-giving season, and they’re especially for my bread lovers. First up (and my personal favorite) is Apple Bread. Try it and you’ll be hooked. I love it […]

Dessert Armoire – Summerour Atlanta

Hi, Sugars! I’ve got some eye candy for your viewing (and Pinning!) pleasure.  Photos by Melissa Prosser. More photos on The New. The Bold. page. Enjoy! Love & Biscuits! Tristen @ Sift! 678 234 7659 @DessertBoutique @SiftAtlanta

Sift! Taste Test on Wheels!

Happy Spring, Sugar Lumps! There are few things that compare to the joy of this whole “Desserting” thing. It’s tough. It’s fun. It smells good. And even for the times that things fall apart (oh the “I cried then but am laughing now” kind of stories I could tell you), it’s pictures like these that provide the confirmation I was working for all along. As many of you know, I conducted a Taste Test on Wheels last week, and it […]

Sift!’s Style Me Pretty Georgia Post!

Today, I put contact lenses on for the first time.  I’m a big silly baby when it comes to certain things. When I was forced to put the lens on my naked eyeball all by myself, you would have sworn I was manually removing my old eyeballs and replacing them with new ones. I screamed…a little. I gasped. It was horrific and all of the poor patients waiting to get lenses for the first time new it. Sorry, Dr. Hung! […]

Millenium Gate @ Atlantic Station

As you may well know, I’ve been away for a bit. While that’s nothing new, you never really get to see what I’ve been up to. Well, I’ve brought my hall pass this time! There have been several events, and this is one of my favorites. I absolutely love what I do and for so many reasons. The event industry is filled with endless inspiration; artistry, fashion, decadence, beauty, and free booze! Ha ha! But really, there is always a […]

Valentine’s Day Picks and Specials from Sift!

Hi, Hunnies & Lovebugs! That famous Love Day (as if love runs out at 12:00 am Wednesday, February 15, 2012) is fast approaching and I thought you could use some “I Love You” inspiration, Sift!-style, of course. Take a look and please, pass this along. Thank you! I’ve received some emails regarding Elenore. Yes, she’s back in full effect. Order when ready! She insisted  on me showing you her favorite pin-up photo. She’s so conceited. Elenore – Vanilla sponge cake […]

Tarts, Cookies, & Cheesecake!

Daily Candy Deals!Order Now! ¡Hola! I come bearing discounts, and I’m hoping you’ll take advantage. Our great friends over at Daily Candy are hosting some fabulous deals from Sift! Remember, Super Bowl Sunday (Sunday, February 5th) and Valentine’s Day (Tuesday, February 14th) are just around the corner. Dessert is a must for both occasions…well, any occasion, but you know what I mean! Take a look-see and we’ll see you soon. The cheesecakes and cookies are shipping! Love & Biscuits! Tristen […]

Apple Cider Doughnuts

I’ve begun this post again and again, and found that I just didn’t like what I had to say. What I was saying (and erasing) wasn’t properly or accurately expressing what I was feeling. First, I was going to apologize for my (clearing my throat) extended hiatus. I planned to explain what’s been going on around here for the past 3 months. Yes, 3 months. It’s been that long. I wanted you to know what I’ve been doing, and what’s […]

Because I Love Ya! “Dessert Soulmate” Giveaway

Hi, Hunnies! Did you know that it’s Blog Subscriber Appreciation Day? No? Haven’t heard of it? Hmmmph. Well, you pretend that you have and I’ll pretend that it actually exists outside of the Sift! blog firewalls. I was thinking about you guys, and I realized something. I don’t know enough about you. I think your “dessert soulmate” would be the best place to start. Choice of dessert says so much about a person. So let’s dish! Have you found your […]

Sift!’s Dessert Tasting 2011!

Happy Sweet Friday! From the Random Department – Did you know that it’s National Dessert Month? Where I’m from, EVERY month is National Dessert Month. So I’m going to ignore that declaration. However, what if you could only have dessert just one moth out of the year? Would you eat dessert each day of that month? Think long and hard because it will be E.L.E.V.E.N. months before your eat another dessert. It’s a thought. A random thought, but a thought, […]

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