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Shrimp and Greens Soup Recipe

Shrimp & Greens Soup

Hello Everyone! Seems like we’re in the middle of that in-between weather. One week it’s winter. The next it’s spring. Then, it’s summer for 2 days in some places. No complaints! Keeps me on my toes. However, weather’s serious influence on what and how we cook is most noticeable during these times. I don’t know from day to day if I’m having a backyard barbeque (sans, you know, the people), or a bowl of chili. In any case, I love […]

White Chocolate Brownie Recipe

White Chocolate Brownies

A yummy canvas for countless desserts.

Pineapple Lemonade

This is one of those things you share because you want others to be as happy as you are. So please take this drink recipe and MAKE IT! This pineapple wonderment will do you some good. I was down to 20 minutes left before gusts started arriving at my son’s birthday party and I still wasn’t even dressed. I wanted something that would pack a flavor punch for the adults, and could come together quickly. When I make a beverage, […]

Red Beans and Rice Recipe

Quick & Easy Red Beans and Rice

Let me start by saying that I am a fan of the slow-cook method, but sometimes it can rather…uuuhhh… slow. So I’ve found a quicker method for those days when I just want some dang beans! This recipe calls for diced tomatoes. I usually use fire roasted because I LOVE smoky flavor anything. Second to that is a quality garlic variety. Choose wisely, and according to your tastes. This recipe is merely a page from a notebook. You fill in […]

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Black Gift Box

My Holiday Boxes are Ready to Ship!

They are sleek, and as my husband put it – “sexy”! This box is full of treats and the perfect gift for a small family, group, or office of people. It’s also great for someone who simply loves well-made treats in sleek packaging. All the info you need is on the site. These boxes will ship through mid January. Why? Because people are still shopping for Christmas gifts a couple of weeks after Christmas. Yep. it happens. Even more good […]

Oatmeal Cookie Ice Cream

If you really think about it, you could eat this for breakfast…

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