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Be Inspired! Aurum and Shale @ High Meadows

And this is where it all begins. I was recruited to be amongst some seriously creative folk to bring life to High Meadows at Vinewood, a venue in Newnan, Georgia. Woo! We did a bang up job if I do say so myself. Let’s see the couple that was responsible for bringing the love to the shoot. Michelle Horton – that’s a serious lip! Rouged lips are a must for winter. Well, after looking at this lip, it is. Juli […]

Taste Test on Wheels – Holiday Edition is Here!

Its baaa-ack! The Spring Taste Test on Wheels! (say that 5 times fast) was a huge hit and big success. So let’s do it again! I’ve got some more tasty stuff up my sleeve and your input is necessary before certain items make it online. While we’re at it, this is also a good reason to fully indulge – “because Tristen needs me!” So, if you’re having trouble convincing yourself that a package of desserts is anything less than civilized and […]

New Stuff for Fall!

Photos by Janet Howard Hi Guys. I so can’t sleep right now. Could it be the 3 cups of that dang delicious-oh-so-yummy British tea? *Cartwheels across the room – quickly poses for an impromptu photo – cartwheels back to computer* Ahhh – probably not. So let’s talk bread! I have some new items for fall and the gift-giving season, and they’re especially for my bread lovers. First up (and my personal favorite) is Apple Bread. Try it and you’ll be hooked. I love it […]

Apple Cider Doughnuts

I’ve begun this post again and again, and found that I just didn’t like what I had to say. What I was saying (and erasing) wasn’t properly or accurately expressing what I was feeling. First, I was going to apologize for my (clearing my throat) extended hiatus. I planned to explain what’s been going on around here for the past 3 months. Yes, 3 months. It’s been that long. I wanted you to know what I’ve been doing, and what’s […]

Apple Cinnamon Hush Puppies

I made something along the lines of an apple latke, or fritter, but not really. I’m sure you’ve waltzed into your hobby realm, whatever it may be, with your mind set to do one thing but you wind up doing something totally different than what you had in mind. Well, that’s sorta what happened here. I had in mind to make anything other than what you’re reading about, but I’m happy with the result! If you follow me on Twitter, […]

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