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This drink has gained some popularity on TikTok (as well as Gramma’s sex life advice), and thus, the requests for the recipe. So for those of you visiting from there, thank you for looking me up. Here’s that recipe. For those looking for the next dessert box, it’s coming! I am working with Doordash to solidify a delivery system. Thank you for you patience…and interest. A delicious mashup of mostly fresh fruits, and sparkling water


Heads up! This amaretto hot chocolate recipe is for adults only. Even if you remove the booze, something’s kinda missing. Omitting the liquor actually takes away quite a bit from the intended flavor, but the chocolate vibe will not be lost. The amaretto adds even more warmth and richness without going into sweetness overload, and the tequila gives it a much welcomed kick. Also, this is my favorite hot chocolate recipe next to one other that I may end up […]

Vegan Healthy Coconut Almond Turmeric Milk Night Cap

Coconut-Almond Night Cap

Grab these ingredients, and prepare to relax…. Because I have had the opportunity to talk to many of you, and get to know your tastes, I think you’re probably going to return to this healthy treat time and time again. If you don’t already know the joys of coconut turmeric milk, I encourage you to begin. This tea was made known to me via the name Turmeric Milk some time ago. A friend taught me the basics, and I freestyle […]

Cinnamon Coffee Cocktail Recipe

Coffee Cinnamon Rum Cocktail

Cheers to the holiday season…and holiday cocktails! I LOVE dessert cocktails, and coffee, and cinnamon… So I thought I would share one of my favorite drinks to make. I’ve also included the easy recipe for cinnamon syrup also here on the blog. It’s light on the tummy, so serving it as an after-dinner cocktail is most suitable. Even better is that you can put those damn mimosas away; at least, just this once! Try this at your next quarantine brunch. […]

Strawberry Milk Vegan Recipe

Strawberry Burnt Vanilla Bean Milk Recipe

Homemade strawberry syrup, burnt vanilla, chopped strawberries, and milk. Better than you remember!

Strawberry Agua Fresca Recipe

Strawberry Agua Fresca

So apparently, I like strawberries. Do you get it now? lol…

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