Be Inspired! Aurum and Shale @ High Meadows

High MeadowsAnd this is where it all begins. I was recruited to be amongst some seriously creative folk to bring life to High Meadows at Vinewood, a venue in Newnan, Georgia. Woo! We did a bang up job if I do say so myself.

Let’s see the couple that was responsible for bringing the love to the shoot.

Michelle Horton – that’s a serious lip! Rouged lips are a must for winter. Well, after looking at this lip, it is.

Juli Vaughn, the floral and design extraordinaire took this rustic backdrop and added a modern romantic touch. Haley Sheffield (the photographer) – HATS OFF TO YOU! Guys, just roam these photos and you’ll see where that sentiment comes from. She’s got that gift!

Details, Sugar Babies. Details.

Let’s get a close up of that little chair doohickey. It’s adora-balls.


Don’t you think it’s cute?! I do. I stole one.

I’M KIDDING, JULI! Moving on…

I really like the soft touch the menu – Julia’s Poppies – brings to the place setting.

Flower time! I know many of you believe fiercely in the power of the flower, so indulge.

Drum roll, please……. It’s time for dessert!

Juli Vaughn did her thing! Sweet notes by Julia’s Poppies!

Let’s begin with the hidden gems – the chocolate cream puffs. Light and luxurious – just the way I like it.

How about some bread for dessert? Yes, bread!

White Chocolate country bread with a marbled chocolate spread. YUM! Perfect for the “foodie” weddings and events.

There’s always room for strawberries.

My take on the traditional Strawberry Shortcake. This shortcake is assembled with cookies, cream, and fresh berries. Topped with icing sugar, it’s the perfect ode to winter.

That pie is peeking for a reason. It wants to get to know you.

Doesn’t that smirk say, “You’ve got 30 seconds, and the pie is mine!” Anyhoo, the pie boasts a vanilla crust, a rich dark chocolate ganache layer, a light milk chocolate mousse, and a lightly sweetened whipped cream topping. Take a slice.

I just love those pretzels. They’re covered in white chocolate, and sprinkled with cocoa nibs. Simple and delish.

In the other corner, we’ve got the belle of the ball. Just looking at her, she must be devoured with a golden spoon. The bottom layer is a butterscotch-coffee budino. Think silky pudding meets panna cotta. It’s topped with a sexy chocolate ganache. Notice a theme here? I topped both with a crispy rice (nope – not Rice Krispie Cereal) and a warm cinnamon-sugar doughnut. When eaten together, you get a symphony of flavors and textures that the palate will love and thank you for many times over. “Many times over” is called a craving.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s eye pampering. Event or wedding coming? Let me entertain your taste buds. I’d love to hear from you.

Saw something you like? Here’s a list of the creatives behind the shoot.

Styling, Floral & Event Design: Juli Vaughn Designs / Venue: High Meadows at Vinewood / Wardrobe Styling: Melissa Welch / Dresses: Fabulous Frocks of Atlanta / Veil, Floral Pieces, Silver/Diamond Earrings: Fine and Fleurie / Invitations, Paper Goods: Julia’s Poppies Design / Desserts: Sift! Dessert Boutique / Makeup: Jennifer Horton Makeup / Hair: Amber Avanossian of Paisley Salon / Balloons: A Balloon Affair

Until next time….

Love and Biscuits, Babes – elegant biscuits, that is!

Tristen @ Sift!
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