Banana Bread Lovers Unite! Now Shipping.

Banana Bread Loaf
Banana Bread Loaf

Hi All!
I will be adding banana bread to my menu soon, and just in time for holiday gifting! I posted a well-received dessert version of it some time ago on Instagram.

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Banana Bread with Korintje Ice Cream

For those of you who have had my banana bread in the past, this a whole new loaf. i would even say the flavor is completely different. This is my favorite recipe to date, but it’s on the pickier side. This loaf takes planning. Everything from the flour to the vanilla is specially picked and prepared to make them. I’ve stumbled through many banana bread recipes, and have settled on this one – for now. The chewy, sweet crust on the bread, the perfect moisture, banana intensity, and deep brown sugar flavor, depends on a few extra steps.

It’s made from scratch, and love, and thoughtfulness.

So, if you’re ever in the mood for Sift! banana bread, here’s the lowdown…

I’ll only make so many for Sift’s monthly “Banana Bread Bake Day”. A few days before baking time, I’ll send an email to newsletter & blog recipients first. The email I send will take you to the order page, and that’s it! Within a few days, your bread will be baked and shipped to you, or the foodies and banana bread lovers on your list.

If you’re reading this, you’re already signed up for the blog, and will receive updates.

Reserve a loaf here.

Lots of Love, Y’all.

Tristen @ Sift!

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