2013 Dessert Review Snippet

Hi Sugar Hunnies!

It’s been a BUSY 2013. Here’s a snippet of my fave sweet things, and there’s plenty more where these come from. Happy Looking! Warning: Not all of these photos are Janet Howard masterpieces. Please bear with us…

Let’s begin with Naomi’s Party. This was quite possibly THE most darling event I’ve ever seen. Naomi’s mom, my friend – Jasmine Shah of IDEA Event Style put on a spectacular party for her little lady. I had the honor of doing the desserts.

Naomi's Party (107 of 393)

I call these “Mieles”. They are dark chocolate, white, and caramel cakes with a bit of butter caramel and whipped cream.

Naomi's Party (106 of 393)

These lovelies are Strawberry Short Babies. Are they not darling as ever?!  They are brown sugar biscuits, whipped cream, and fresh strawberries.

Naomi's Party (105 of 393)

The cake topper is an IDEA Event Style creation. The cake was butterscotch.

Naomi's Party (69 of 393)

Those little madaleine favors are vanilla bean with vanilla frosting and sparkling sugar coating.

Naomi's Party (33 of 393)

Strawberry Pie – homey and delicioso


NEW! Cheesecake Minis – Check ’em out!  These are Sweet Potato (maple crust, sweet potato cheesecake, cinnamon whip)


One of my new faves! Old-Fashioned Pecan-Crusted Caramel Rum Cake.


Here it is in it’s full glory.


Just in case you haven’t had enough.


I LOVE these sexy beasts! Strawberry Key Lime Shooters. They are a hit every time.


Next, Fruit Bruschetta and these were for a worthy cause. Keisha Knight-Pulliam held a glitzy fundraiser for her charity, Kamp Kizzy. These were center stage on the dessert table.


Amaretto Brownies


Yumma Dum Dum… you’ll want some! Dark Forest Mousse. Oh – you just gotta. I so encourage you…


Here’s one of the happiest crowds I’ve had. I just had to take a picture. Inside that box is a Red Velvet Mascarpone Cake. #sorandom, but I just couldn’t help myself. The birthday guy was totally surrounded by love and I loved how apparent it was.

Happy Guests

I did a dessert table for a StudioWed event at the Pottery Barn. It was a blast. IDEA Event Style, Blossoms Atlanta Event Style, and Hi Note helped tremendously with all of the beauty and cuteness!

PotteryBarn - 10

I had to have those sprawling tulips. Gorge!


Chocolate pretzels.PotteryBarn - 8

Take home favors for my guests.

PotteryBarn - 9

These babies went over extremely well. Key Lime White Chocolate Parfaits – fluffy, and not too sweet.

PotteryBarn - 5

PotteryBarn - 6


This is a chocolatety wondrous dessert. It’s dark chocolate cake, chocolate mousse filling, and white chocolate buttercream. It’s smooth and balanced, but not like beer. More like that song “In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins, but when Phil sings it – NOT Mike Tyson.

Choc Mousse


That’s all folks…

Stay Tuned! More to come.

To Order any of these items, visit www.SiftAtlanta.com, or call 678 234 7659

Love & Biscuits!

Tristen @ Sift!

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